“The war for top talent will get more intense as available human capital reduces over the next decade.”

The demand for consultancy orientated talent acquisition services from experienced, proactive and knowlegeable boutique recruitment search professionals will intensify, specifically from those who deliver niche offerings around specific markets.

If you are seeking top performers in the gaming, gambling and entertainment industries who specialise in:

• Bingo
• Casino
• Spreadbetting
• Poker
• Bookmaking
• Mobile applications
• Sportsbook
• Operations, security, fraud, transactions
• P2P
• Premium rate services
• Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, London, Panama & Asian markets
• Retail gambling
• Online iGaming
Affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, Social media

…..perhaps we should be speaking in order to ensure that your business has access to them. Remember, successful companies recruit the A players who are not necessarily on the hunt for a new job but are passively open to reviewing career opportunities. We do not work with job boardsbut are proactive boutique head hunters with 20+ years experience in your market! Our skill is to match aspirations – both client and candidate…

Are you a Vice President, Operations Director, Sales Manager, Trading Director, Managing Director, IT Director, Finance, Fraud specialist, Security specialist, CEO, Marketing leader in the gaming, gambling or entertainment industry? Maybe you are open to a confidential conversation to explore your next job or career challenge!

Visit The Betting Headhunter

Its all about aspirations…


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